Alcohol Healthwatch joins more than 260 non-government organisations around the globe to endorse the Global Resolution to End Alcohol Promotion in World Cup Events.Director Rebecca Williams says the resolution is a way of challenging the organisers and those who profit from such huge sporting events to reflect on how they are contributing to the global burden of disease associated with alcohol consumption.

World Cup sporting events are watched by billions of people the world over and their participants are incredibly powerful role models for the world’s young people. There is significant potential for these events to be used in positive ways to highlight the values and benefits of sport while de-emphasising the role of alcohol.

Williams says the resolution presents a real challenge for the organisers of the Rugby World Cup coming to New Zealand in 2011 to consider an alcohol-free sponsorship environment.

A review of the regulation of liquor advertising in New Zealand, soon to get underway, will examine sponsorship as part of its terms of reference.

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