Alcohol Healthwatch calls on the political parties to ‘get real’ on the issue of youth crime rather than simply threatening to send more young people to jail. National Leader Bill English and other politicians, need to be developing policies that address some of the underlying causes of youth crime and violence, such as young peoples access to alcohol and other drugs if they want make progress on this issue.

The National Party and other political parties are underestimating the intelligence of the electorate if they believe people will ‘buy into’ the cliche formula of locking more young people away. No one seriously believes this will impact significantly on youth crime and violence. Instead it is time to address more fundamental issues!

Our political leaders need to be developing comprehensive policies that will reduce youth access to alcohol and other drugs. It is a time for leadership on this issue! Over the past 12 months the community has seen a litany of cases where young people have been involved in crime after consuming alcohol. Yet to often the issue of alcohol misuse is swept under the carpet.

If politicians are sincere about the issues of youth crime and violence, they need to be developing policies to address the issues of youth access to alcohol and policies that challenge our binge drinking culture, not grandstand on tougher sentencing for 13 year olds.

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