Whilst Alcohol Healthwatch is pleased that the recently released report on the review of liquor advertising recommends the tightening of some of the advertising codes, particularly those that may encourage drinking by young people, we note the inconsistency of a further recommendation that liquor advertisements are permitted at an earlier time on television.

Director Rebecca Williams says that our young people are already exposed to significant levels of alcohol advertising and the earlier time will make it even more difficult for parents to protect their children from this.

Alcohol consumption is a significant contributor to illness, injury and violence in our society. She wonders how a new principle of “Social Responsibility” can be added to the alcohol advertising codes when, if we were being truly socially responsible, we wouldn’t have alcohol advertising in the first place.

Mrs Williams commends the Review Panel on staying firm on the use of heroes of the young in alcohol advertising. It is imperative that this is avoided.

The report once again highlights the conflicts arising from the self-regulation of alcohol advertising, where the interests of public health and a profit driven industry go head to head.

The Government needs to review its policy on alcohol advertising, in light of how it contributes to achieving Government aims of minimising alcohol-related harm.

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