There are seven cities or districts in the Auckland region, each had their own Last Drink Survey (LDS) Project which is co-ordinated by the Alcohol Healthwatch LDS Co-ordinators.

These Projects were:

The Auckland City Last Drink Survey (LDS) project has been in operation since 1991 and has developed significantly since then.

The North Shore has been active since 1996. The North Shore Co-ordinator is also responsible for the Rodney and Waitakere LDS projects.

The Waitakere City project has been going since 1995.

The Rodney District project has been operating since 1997.

The Manukau City project started in 1994. For the most part, the project has been run alone, although for some time in 1998 it was temporarily combined with the Papakura District project. In 1999 interest in the Papakura project was revitalised and the projects were once again separated.

The Papakura District project is in its fifth year of existence, and the second year the project has been carried out seperately.

The Franklin project begun in 1994, initially it was combined with the Papakura District. In late 1996 the projects were separated because the districts were very distinitive in their own rights.

All projects ceased December 2003.


Last Drink Survey projects operated within the boundaries of the Territorial Authorities. These boundaries coincided with most Police Districts.

Agencies Working Together:

All LDS Coordinators worked with their local District Licensing Agency and Inspector, The Auckland District Health Board (A+) Health Protection Officer, Traffic Alcohol Group, Team Policing and Prosecutions. These people attended the Liquor Liaison Group (LLG) Meetings. They also worked in with Alcohol Advisory Council (ALAC), Host Responsibility Trainers and a variety of community groups.

The LLG meetings were held every four to six weeks. At these meetings the aims of the LDS were achieved by identifying “problem premises” and “potential problem premises” and through planning and implementing interventions. These interventions  included: